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Saturday, March 23, 2019
On-Site Training On-Site Training Course List Introduction to Statistical Process Control and Capability

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This introductory course includes instruction from a comprehensive, applied training manual. The examples used throughout the seminar are actual examples using data collected by personnel involved in developing and implementing process control systems and conducting capability analyses. A modified course is available for operator training, which emphasizes a hands-on approach.

Time Requirement

4 days

Number of Participants

30 participants maximum



Primary Resource Materials

An Introduction to Statistical Process Control and Capability manual
Quality with Confidence in Manufacturing
Process Control Technology workbook

Content Outline

  • The Graphical Representation of Data and Basic Descriptive Statistics
    • Ungrouped and Grouped Frequency Distributions
    • Frequency Polygons and Histograms
    • Measures of Central Tendency
    • Measures of Variability
    • The Normal Distribution and z Scores
  • Control Chart Theory
    • Process Variation
    • Control Chart Theory
    • Statistical Control Conditions
  • Process Control and Capability for Variables Data
    • Developing and Interpreting X-Bar and R Charts
    • Introduction to Process Capability
    • Developing and Interpreting X-Bar and s Charts
    • Process Capability Analysis utilizing the X-Bar and s Chart
  • Process Control and Capability for Attribute Data
    • Control Charts for Defectives
      • Developing and Interpreting p Charts
      • Developing and Interpreting np Charts
    • Control Charts for Defects
      • Developing and Interpreting c Charts
      • Developing and Interpreting u Charts
  • How to Get Started in Statistical Process Control
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