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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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A critical component in the development of a culture based upon the Total Quality model is effective Daily Management. Daily Management is a management technology composed of activities and tasks that prevent backsliding and allow for the continuous improvement in safety, quality, delivery, cost, and employee satisfaction. Standardization is an improvement strategy that lies within Daily Management and its purpose is to reduce the variability of the methods used to operate a process.

The purpose of this publication is to provide managers, supervisors, facilitators, and team members with guidelines for standardizing their manufacturing operations. This material is laid out in a stand-alone manner in which practitioners can study the material and apply the principles. Throughout the technical aid, scenarios adapted from actual situations assist the student in understanding standardization concepts.

A course, supplemented with Technical Aid VIII: Quality Tools and Techniques, is available as an in-house training program designed to teach the principles of standardization. The course can be structured as a one day class intended to either: 1) prepare team members for standardizing a manufacturing operation, or 2) prepare supervisors, managers, and lead teams for the vital support that standardization efforts require.

Number of participants

Standardization Team Members: Maximum of 25 participants in five separate teams, each with a standardization project.
Managers, Supervisors, and Lead Teams: Maximum of 25 participants.


Total Quality Overview

Primary Resource Materials

Standardizing Manufacturing Operations and
Quality Tools and Techniques manuals

Content Outline

  • Introduction
  • The Hierarchy of Improvement
  • Management Controllable and Operator-Controllable Errors
  • Process Control
  • Management and Supervision Support for Standardization Efforts
  • Standardizing a Process
  • Guidelines for Measurement and Inspection Standard Operating Procedures


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