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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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The ROI Alliance was started in 2002 by consultants formerly working for Luftig & Warren International (LWI) when LWI stopped consulting in the Quality Sciences. It is in principle a consortium of peers working together to create, teach, and implement cutting-edge technologies in the area of Management Technology. A licensing agreement between LWI and The ROI Alliance, LLC allows us access to all the materials we used and developed while at LWI. So if you have had experience with us before, you can expect the same high standards and capabilities as you have already enjoyed. And if you are new to the Alliance and LWI, you can expect high technical expertise and unsurpassed teaching skills coupled with real world results and client partnering that achieves the best solution for our most important Alliance members - you, our clients.

We are proud of our Alliance consultants' abilities and qualifications:

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