ROIstat v1.0 is now available!

Learn and Use the Power of Statistics - For Free!

A GUI built on R that makes it easy to learn and use the power of statistics for day-to-day decision-making.


Learning and Using Stats Made Easy

Do you know R can do something, but spend 15 minutes trying to figure out how? ROIstats is the GUI to get in, get the answer, and get on with your life!

Core Advantages

ROIstats makes it easy to teach, learn, and use statistics


Everyone should learn the power of statistics in making better decisions. But you don't need to know how to script in R to learn that. ROIstat lets the introductory stat student focus on learning when and how to use statistics.


Working professionals in a data-driven world need to get in, get an answer, and get on with their lives. R is powerful, but if you don't use it every day it is easy to forget how to get it to do what you need. ROIstat is fast and easy to use, harnessing the power of R without going back to notes and wasting time hunting down extra commas or missing brackets.


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