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Steven Ouellette
Steven OuellettePresident


Message from Our President

Welcome to The ROI Alliance! When I started our company, I had a vision of a consultancy that partnered with their clients to blend their knowledge with our structures and achieve the incredible. We don't lecture you and walk away - we are there with you as you implement practical and powerful new ways of doing business.
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The Team

Steven Ouellette
Steven OuellettePresidentsteve@roi-ally.com
Steve has been consulting since 1996 and is a Certified Management Consultant® He has a BS in Metallurgical and Material Science from the Colorado School of Mines and an ME in Engineering Management from the University of Colorado Boulder. He has taught at the Leed's School of Business and the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is an expert in applied statistics as well as creating and deploying management systems. He has worked in many different industries, from heavy to light manufacture, services, and higher education. He has written two books, Business Performance Excellence and Galileo's Telescope.
Sarah Rimmel
Sarah RimmelConsultantsarah@roi-ally.com
Sarah Rimmel has been a consultant, facilitator and trainer for over 10 years specializing in inclusive leadership, intercultural development, stakeholder engagement, and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) strategies in the workplace. She earned her Masters of Management from CU Denver’s School of Business, and has studied a somatic coaching methodology offered at Strozzi Institute, the original architect of embodied leadership. Utilizing an embodied learning approach, and having worked extensively in higher education, private and nonprofit organizations, Sarah brings reliable and creative approaches to support leaders and teams in actualizing their goals and intentions. She is trained in offering the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and is in the process of receiving her International Coaching Federation (ICF) credential.
Wendy Martin
Wendy MartinSenior Consultantwendy@roi-ally.com
Wendy Martin is the W. Edwards Deming Professor of Management in the Lockheed-Martin Engineering Management Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder, teaching in the area of Quality Science. She earned her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, and a Masters of Engineering from the Lockheed-Martin Engineering Management Program at the University of Colorado Boulder, with an emphasis in six sigma, quality systems, and applied statistics. Prior to her graduate degree, she was trained in statistical methods by Luftig & Warren International (LWI). Wendy also worked for 14 years at Anheuser-Busch, where she became skilled in the application of statistics in an industrial environment.
Luis Morales
Luis MoralesConsultantluis@roi-ally.com
Luis Morales is an operations professional with 30 years of domestic and international manufacturing experience in diverse organizations including the automobile industry, instrument manufacturing, gas compression systems, and mining. He has a BS in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, an MBA, and an ME in Engineering Management with an emphasis in six sigma, quality systems and applied statistics. Luis focuses on operational strategy, planning & execution including policy deployment and management systems to identify and implement performance improvement opportunities.


Our 20 Year Vision

In twenty years we will have been recognized for our management technology and have a history of successful clients building our reputation as a leading consulting group for our areas of expertise.


Our Two-Year Plan

We will profitably grow the business and increase our name recognition. We will provide ongoing opportunities for our consultants to provide superior services to our clients.
Superior Services
The median for our consultants will be "Extremely Satisfied" on our annual client surveys.
Increase Recognition
By increasing our online and published presence, we will increase the knowledge of our products and services.

Value Propositions

Why Choose Us

Working with ROI is a different experience than with most consultants.
Our consultants have experience in their fields in many different industries. We have a proven track record of success.
We can customize our matierals and approach for your particular business.
We engage with your employees at all levels and give them the opportunity to participate in the changes you need.
Our processes are designed to be self-reinforcing, so once they are built they can continue to improve over time as you learn more about your processes.
Our approaches work in the real world. We don't charge you money for a great presentation and walk away. We are there implementing with you for as long as you need.


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