by Steven Ouellette

Data-Driven Leadership (2023)

Data-Driven Leadership by Steven Ouellette is a compelling guide for managers seeking to understand and harness the power of statistics in their decision-making process. In a business world increasingly reliant on data, Ouellette offers a gentle introduction to statistical concepts for managers with limited to no statistical backgrounds.

The book makes the case for why statistical knowledge is essential for managers, whether they aim to conduct analyses themselves or collaborate with data-driven team members. It is a timely reminder that, in many business situations, the need for statistical insights is more about ‘little data’ than ‘big data.’

Using humor and relatable scenarios involving a manager at a corn chip manufacturing company, Ouellette demystifies statistics by covering fundamental topics, including sampling, statistics, measurement levels, and probability distributions. The book also guides readers in visually presenting data and performing statistical estimation, hypothesis testing, and analysis of variance.

Data-Driven Leadership equips managers with foundational statistical knowledge needed to make informed decisions in today's data-driven business environment. It offers practical, real-world insights, making it an invaluable resource for managers at all levels, enabling them to lead confidently in an era where data is the key to success.

Galileo's Telescope (2021)

Do you think your business needs to do something, but no one agrees on what that is? Do you ever wonder why everyone hits their targets but the business is losing money?

Author and consultant Steven Ouellette takes you on an journey to the past, present and future of business with a step-by-step process to create your own business management system. He uses a detailed case study and interesting stories from Galileo's life to frame a logical process to set a long-term vision for a company, understand how it creates value, and turn these into metrics of success for the enterprise.

Using a simple process, each level of management creates metrics that align with the previous level's measures of success, cascading these metrics throughout the company. This results in everyone having metrics that align with the organization's objectives, possibly for the first time.

From there, metrics are used as a springboard for two powerful, but often poorly implemented processes needed by every company: continuous and breakthrough improvement.

This book is a must-read for anyone wanting an efficient, effective and proven method for building a management system to increase their company's performance.


Business Performance Excellence (2012)

Is your business as profitable as it could be? How can you rise above your competition, and stay there once you have? Most management tools only look at one part of the picture, but Business Performance Excellence (BPE) is the complete model, integrating revolutionary new techniques with tried and tested approaches, covering the strategic, financial, systems, and human factors.

The editors are experts in business performance improvement, and this approachable book presents the latest thinking and developments in the BPE model that has been enhanced and refined over the course of 30 years. The comprehensive case studies and worked examples presented can be applied to your business whatever your industry, benefiting your bottom line.

This book provides an overview of the Performance Excellence process along with articles by great thinkers that are useful as you manage your way to excellence.



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