Opportunity Amidst the Tragedy of the Pandemic

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My clients report that things are both crazy busy in some ways while also being crazy slow in others. If you are finding you have some time in between trying to keep everyone safe and sane, it might be an opportunity to start looking at how you manage and for ways to improve it for when things get back to something more normal.

There is no denying that COVID-19 is going to have a fundamental impact on everyone. We will all have to find ways to reduce this impact on ourselves and our fellow citizens and find ways to learn from this event to respond better for the next one. This will no doubt preoccupy us for much of the coming months and years. But in between the craziness, you might find yourself with time on your hands.

Management is being put under a new type of stress right now, and I really don’t want to add to that. But if you find that you have time to think about how you manage, time you might have away from the workplace might be giving you an opportunity to change things for when you get back. This is all within the context of our Business Performance Excellence process.

Below are some things that you might consider thinking about, along with some links to get you started. At worst, you can some reading and videos to divert you for a while.

Upper-level management:

First and foremost, keep yourself, your family, your workers, and your friends safe. Try to keep your businesses viable until things calm down to the new normal and you can bring people back to work. But if you have a moment now and then, you might think about how you can take the tragedy of business slow- and shut-downs to come back stronger than ever for you, your workers, and the economy.



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