Project Detail

The client had lost money for nine years in a row. They engaged ROI member consultants to help them turn around. In six years they became, uniquely, a steel company that was profitable enough to be acquired.

  • Solution:Business Performance Excellence
  • Results:$341 million


Over the course of a six-year engagement at a manufacturing Fortune 500 company, ROI member consultants worked on a number of projects. At the end of the engagement, the company calculated bottom-line contributions of these projects. A matrix was generated to show these projects, the cost savings, and the technique used to capture the savings, which you can see below.

Our Approach

Over the course of this engagement, we brought to bear a number of different strategies and tools:
  • Strategies
    • Strategic Planning and Policy Deployment
    • Daily Management
    • Problem-Solving Strategy
    • Quality Improvement Strategy
    • Supplier Quality Assurance
    • Customer Quality Assurance
  • Tools
    • Total Asset Utilization and Customer Product Rationalization
    • Experimental Design
    • Statistical Start Up
    • Statistical Process Control
    • Measurement System Analysis
    • Growth Analysis
    • Excursion Analysis
    • Reliability Methods

Project Scope

This was a multi-year engagement during which our consultants were asked to help:

  • Increase safety
  • Avoid costs
  • Increase yield
  • Open up new markets

End Results

This matrix has been re-coded to hide the actual project and department names to protect our client. Projects are listed across the top by department while the left side lists the targeted areas for improvement. The intersection of the rows and columns shows which targeted areas were impacted by each project. The methodologies used to complete the projects are shown on the bottom. Also across the bottom are the client's calculations of cost savings or avoidance.



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