Advanced Gauge Control and Capability Analysis


This course is intended to provide a practical experience in the advanced analysis of measurement systems for statistical facilitators, engineering personnel, technical and laboratory personnel, and all others engaged in the evaluation of measurement errors and bias analysis. The problems presented are intended to provide the practitioner with a set of basic and straightforward tools associated with the analysis of measurement systems. All of the case studies have been drawn from actual industrial applications that represent the complex issues and occurrences often facing the practitioner.

Time Requirement

5 days

Number of Participants

25 participants maximum


An Introduction to Statistical Process Control and Capability, Advanced Statistical Process Control and Capability, Guidelines for a Practical Approach to Gauge Capability Analysis, and Experimental Design and Industrial Statistics — Levels I, II, and III

Primary Resource Materials

Advanced Gauge Control and Capability Analysis manual

Content Outline

  • The Case of the Tool Room Depth Gauge
  • The Case of the Pallet Shipping Scale
  • The Case of the Laboratory Containment Tester (Class I Destructive Test)
  • The Case of the Modified Substrate Length Gauge
  • The Case of the Surface Quality Multiple Gauging System
  • The Case of the Comparative Laboratory Analysis (Two Class I Destructive Tests)
  • The Case of the New Moisture Analyzer




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