ROIstat Credits

ROIstat would not exist without the following:

  • First, and most importantly, Michael Petrovich's MVPstats. Without his software, my day-to-day job would have been much harder throughout the years. His idea of gathering the most useful statistical tests in one place to create a teaching platform that can also be used for most of your daily statistics needs strongly inspired me in creating ROIstat. Thanks, Mike!
  • Michael Burr and his lolcat package for R. Mike Burr wrote most of the scripts in R behind ROIstat, without which I would have had an insanely more difficult job.
  • Professor Wendy Martin, for helping me with the R coding side of things.
  • RStudio is the development environment that made Shiny possible.
  • Rstudio's Shiny UI generating package. Once I heard about this, I knew I had to make ROIstat!
  • RStudio's DT package for nicely formatted tables.
  • dreamRs/datamod for the snazzy ability to import a variety of data types.
  • dreamRs/shinywidgets for snazzy UI elements.
  • tidyverse/ggplot2 to make nice plots
  • anspiess/propagate for a very elegant way to get confidence intervals for non-linear models
  • Arpan Das and Professor Wendy Martin for the exact one-sample power function
  • Pawel ( for a snazzy little script for pop-up text
  • stefan ( for a better way of saving plots

Thank you to these as well as everyone who works to extend and further develop R.



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