ROIstat v2.3 Released

Today we are releasing a major new update for ROIstat! It now provides a comprehensive measurement system analysis for continuous data and includes a new calculation to help decide if the measurement system is acceptable for the business. Watch this video to see it in action!

If you haven't already downloaded ROIstat v 2.3, it is a huge update!

You can download it here:

Download ROIstat!

(ROIstat Changelog)

  • Added measurement system analysis for continuous data
  • Can select three different types of analysis
    • Potential study, a.k.a. GRR - a short study to see if your measurement system has even a hope of being useful
    • Short-term study - A more detailed study that measures more parts and gives a better estimate of gauge variability
    • Long-term study - An ongoing study of a measurement system that is in use to ensure it remains stable and trusted through time
  • Each study can be conducted using one of three ways to calculate the measurement error
    • The range (good for subsets of less than 8)
    • The standard deviation (good for subsets of 8 or more)
    • ANOVA (gives more information at the expense of robustness)
  • You can select the AIAG standard of 5.15 measurement errors or the statistical standard of 6 measurement errors (known bug - for now ANOVA only calculates the 6 sigma estimates)
  • If true values are known for samples, bias and linearity can be analyzed
  • UNIQUE to ROIstat - if the process being measured is known, estimates of misclassification (out of spec called in and in spec called out) can be used as part of your decision around acceptability.
  • Calculates repeatability, reproducibility, and total gauge error
  • ANOVA also calculates the part x appraiser interaction
  • Automatically generates all of the suitable charts and graphs to help in your analysis:
    • For long-term charts, each part is tracked on an individuals charts with out-of-control conditions marked. Charts are generated for each appraiser.
    • For long-term charts, the parts average and standard deviation charts are generated, with correct moving range limits. Charts are generated for each appraiser.
    • Within part dispersion is shown on a range chart. Charts are generated for each appraiser.
    • The bias and linearity analysis plots the magnitude vs the bias and tests for significance for the overall bias as well as linearity. If linearity is significant, a linear equation is generated to correct readings to zero bias on average. The user can select to jitter the data or draw density-based "violins" to aid in reading the chart. Charts are generated for each appraiser.
    • Uniformity of dispersion plots the magnitude versus the dispersion metric selected and tests for significance. Lines and regressions are generated for each appraiser.
    • Individual readings per part are plotted along with the average per part. This chart can be normalized so that all the averages are equal (normalized) and the user can add jitter and violins to aid in interpretation. Charts are generated for each appraiser.
    • Boxplots for each part for each appraiser are plotted. These can also be normalized.
    • A graph of the components of variation shows the contribution of repeatability and reproducibility to the overall measurement error variance. For ANOVA models the reproducibility is further broken down into Appraiser and the Appraiser x Part interaction.
    • A plot that is unique to ROIstat shows an estimate of the underlying process variation compared to the specifications, with a gradient around the specs indicating the "danger zone" related to misclassifying conforming product and nonconforming and nonconforming product as conforming. It also calculates the number of discrete categories the measurement system can measure within the process variability and the discrimination ratio.
    • Should the user wish to investigate the measurement system in depth, additional tests are displayed showing tests for mean and dispersion within and between appraisers.
  • All charts can be downloaded in a variety of publication-ready formats"
    • eps
    • ps
    • tex
    • pdf
    • jpeg
    • tiff
    • png
    • bmp
    • svg
    • wmf


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