ROIstat v2.37 Released!

We are releasing another new update for ROIstat! This is a smaller release, but adds some nice quality of life features.

You can download it here:

Download ROIstat!

(ROIstat Changelog)

  • New Features
    • Added words on two-tailed binomial and Poisson to make it easier to know what the tail and between probabilities are
    • Added a filter for NA when doing distribution testing to that ggplot can plot a graph
    • Added an option to include or not include the point of interest in probability calculations for Poisson and binomal distributions
    • Added wild outlier unique icons and inner fence lines on boxplots
    • Added the ability to add custom titles and axes labels, as well as increasing font size to boxplots
    • Added the ability to add custom titles and x-axis labels, as well as increasing font size to histogram
    • Added the ability to show a frequency distribution table for histograms and frequency polygons
    • Added the ability to change the size of the boxplot
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing the binomial scale from showing up
    • Fixed errors about Font Awesome icons (finally!)
  • Known issues:
    • Long pause once ROIstat loads, disabled blog links to help
    • Lin-Mudholkar test fails due to breaking the function when the correlation is 1 (lolcat issue)
    • Reported problem with use data one and two sample tests, object x2 not found (can't replicate)
    • No button on MVP(E) and S-W Monte Carlo exponential tests to stop early - may be added in the future
    • The density plot x-axis for the exponential will start at zero even if the minimum is above that


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