ROIstat v2.38 Released!

We are releasing another update for ROIstat! This has a number of new features!

You can download it here:

Download ROIstat!

(ROIstat Changelog)

  • New Features
    • Added the hypergeometric distribution
    • Added the geometric distribution
    • Added D'Agostino's omnibus test for normality in Distribution Testing
    • Added P-P plots to distribution testing for normal and exponential distributions
    • Added the ability to choose histogram and frequency polygon bin width or the number of bins. Bin width overrides number of bins.
    • Added a filter to the frequency distribution when multiple distributions are selected
    • Modified how the S-W test for exponentiality works. If the sample is <= 100 it will use lolcat's built-in lookup approach. If it is > 100 it will use the Monte Carlo approach. The method used is shown in the output.
    • Added a filter to the exponential test functions to take out NAs, which can vastly slow down the simulation and give bogus results
    • Transposed quantile table output to make it easier to read
    • Changed prompt in crtitical values to "probability" rather than "proportion"
    • Changed the xmin when plotting a chi-squared or F distribution at 1df so that some sort of graph shows up (Distribution | Critical Values)
    • Improved labels on the Q-Q and P-P plots
    • Added rug to normality and exponential testing plots
    • Added "binomial" and "Poisson" to the selction buttons on sample size calculations
    • Added "Power" to Sample Size label
    • Reformatted ANOVA post-hoc table for readability
    • Standardized layout for one- and two-sample proportion test
    • Added the ability to use data for the proportion test. You can use text or numeric data. You specify what "success" is in the data and ROIstat will calculate the proportion and binomial test results.
    • Standardized layout for one- and two-sample Poisson test
    • Added the ability to use data for the Poisson test. You can use text or numeric data to identify the groups. ROIstat will calculate the Poisson counts and test results.
    • Added the ability to use text as level delimiters in two-sample tests.
    • Added the ability to generate McNemar's test from data. Data need to be in columns, but can be text or numeric. You choose what "pass" means
    • Added a button to the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney U test to start calculation. The base R pwilcox() can take a very long time to calculate depending on sample size.
    • Changed proportion testing using data to show counts (np) for the statistics and proportion (p) in the output
    • Added the option for using the D-bar entry and output for two-sample dependent t-tests
    • Added non-normal dependent dispersion tests to both dependent means test output
    • Added Welch's ANOVA as default oneway. Includes omega-squared for Welch's
    • Added logo to the title and moved the logo to a local file
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bug that prevented decimals from being changed in Natural Tolerance with data
    • Fixed a bug in the Monte Carlo Shapiro-Wilk test for exponentiality that was resulting in an offset p-value
    • dplyr started throwing a new error related to a deprecated way of using summary. I changed summary() to reframe() to fix this
    • Fixed a bug in mvp_exp() to have it bail out sooner if the data are not anywhere near exponential
    • Fixed a bug in A-D exponential test that would error if the data had NA present
    • Error trapped the natural tolerance calculations in EDA to filter out NAs and prevent a silent failure to calculate the natural tolerance
    • Fixed a bug that was not taking out incomplete paired data points when doing dependent means and dispersion tests
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Satterthwaite's df calculation for dependent t-tests, which is not a thing
    • Fixed some other bugs in the means and dispersion testing that were causing spurious error messages
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent the random-effect post-hoc from showing up if selected before the fixed-effect was displayed.
  • Known issues:
    • Long pause once ROIstat loads - this is due to RStudio functions that take 10+ seconds to load. Once they are loaded, it does not affect the app. Consider loading via RGui if this is an annoyance.
    • Lin-Mudholkar test fails due to breaking the function when the correlation is 1 (lolcat issue)
    • Reported problem with use data one and two sample tests, object x2 not found (can't replicate)
    • No button on MVP(E) or Mann-Whitney-U test to stop early - may be added in the future
    • The density plot x-axis for the exponential will start at zero even if the minimum is above that


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