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Management Philosophy

Managers have many obligations, but perhaps they are summed up by the terms "management" and "leadership."

Management is supporting your employees in getting the day-to-day tasks done as well as in making small, continuous improvements.

Leadership is taking the organization where it otherwise would not be able to go by doing things differently from before.
We help in these two areas by providing services for companies looking to go beyond aspirational statements that never come to pass - those looking to maximize their organization's potential.
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Management Consulting

A management consultant "provides independent and objective advice to management of client organizations to define and achieve their goals through improved utilization of resources." (Source) Here are some ways we can help you do that.

Management Decision Support

We help you create metrics from your vision of where you want to take your organization.

Cascade Metrics

We then help translate these metrics to every level of management in the organization, insuring all managers are reacting to the right signals in their areas.

Daily Management

We link the management metrics to the day-to-day operations of your processes to insure that front-line management and individual contributors are aligned with your objectives. Further, we put a structure in place so that these areas can continuously improve their areas autonomously.

Strategic Plan

Finally, we help you create an organized plan to lead the organization towards your vision - a strategic plan. We then help deploy this plan throughout the organization, giving everyone a chance to propose a local or strategic idea in order to "utilize every ounce of intelligence" (Matshusita) of your employees.

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Industrial Statistics

If an organization is going to meet aggressive targets, they are going to have to do some experimentation. Still, the world is complex and we have to make decisions with incomplete information. That is where industrial experimentation and statistics comes in. These tools allow our clients to run amazingly economical experiments to find out solutions to intractable problems.

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On-Site Training

We want you to be successful, and that sometimes means that you need your personnel to learn how to do something new. Here are just a few of the types of on-site training we offer in pursuit of your goals.
  • Basic and advanced applied statistics
  • Six Sigma Green, Black, and Master Black Belt
  • Basic quality tools
  • Lean techniques
  • Daily management kaizen event
  • Problem-solving and quality improvement
  • Gauge control and capability
  • Effective teaming and meetings
  • Understanding variation
  • Statistical process control
    • Shop floor
    • Administrative
    • Procurement

We offer many seminars and working sessions in these areas. Contact us to find out how we can integrate training and consulting to achieve your goals.


Course Offerings

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Online Training

If you have multiple locations, or employees that work at home or on client site, we can provide training via the web, both live and pre-recorded. This ensures that everyone gets the same message in the format that works best for them. It can also save a fortune on travel expenses. You can purchase on-disc Six Sigma Black Belt training from us.



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