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The free and easy graphic user interface harnessing the power of R for professors, students, and working professionals alike.

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Professor / Teacher

Do you spend more time instructing introductory students in how to script in R instead of how and when to use statistics? This GUI still runs in R (and is free!) but allows you to focus on helping the students understand statistics. When they are ready to learn R, they will already have it installed and working.


This graphical user interface gives you a tool that allows you to focus on learning how to use statistics to solve your problems, not on how to write a command in R. The packages that are used in ROIstat have been shown to give the correct answers, so you don't have to worry about how some package you downloaded is going to do an analysis.

Professional Engineer, Six Sigma Belt, Data Analyst

Once you learn how statistics can be used to solve practical, everyday problems, you want to get in, get the answer, and get on with your life. ROIstat puts the power of R into a graphic user interface so you don't have to remember what to type to get results from your data quickly and accurately.

ROIstat Features

Import data from Google Sheets, the R environment, or from any of a number of local files such as .txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .sav and many others. Easily set the class of the data, or exclude certain data vectors from the analysis. Use graphical controls to quickly filter the data, all without altering the original file.

Generate the binomial, Poisson, Normal, exponential, and F-distributions by entering parameters. Calculate critical values for common test statistics.

Enter statistics directly into the interface for a number of one- and two-sample tests. Not having to deal with data makes it easier to teach and easier to learn.

Quick Analyses

A comprehensive arsenal of statistical tests the working professional needs to get in, get an answer, and get on with their job.

Use data configured in columns for each group or with columns for factors and data.



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